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Mindful Tea Ceremony

An invitation to join a pre-Christmas Mindful Tea Ceremony here at The Bodywork Centre!

Holistic Therapist Jenna Brewsterbrown offers Reiki treatments and teaches Meditation and Mindfulness to promote complete wellness with her clients. Jenna has practiced Mindfulness and Meditation for over 15 years and has been teaching in Northumberland since 2019, Jenna has run wellness retreats locally in Northumberland and also works with businesses to encourage wellness in the work place where all that take part can enjoy the relaxing effects of Mindful Meditation and Reiki Healing.

Jenna is extremely passionate about mental health and wellbeing. During her sessions Jenna will guide you into a state of meditation by using breathing methods and guided imagery to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.

Tea Ceremony Meditation: Duration 2 hours

Date: Wednesday 6th December 6-8pm

Cost: £15 pp

To find out more or book a place, please contact Jenna direct on: 07851 669066

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