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At the Bodywork Centre we have a number of Holistic Therapists specialising in many different types of massage and holistic therapy.

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Rachel Orange

Holistic and Yoga Therapist - Rachel Orange

Rachel's Holistic Therapy training started in Newcastle in 2009. Since then she has worked for Tynedale Hospice, Minsteracres and for the charity, Mind. Rachel has also trained as an occupational therapist. In 2017 she developed her passion of Yoga & Meditation, investing in a two year teacher training course in Scotland to learn the style of Dru Yoga - a gentle yet potent, Hatha based Yoga that flows to support our layers of being. She likes to teach to music and uses pranayama (breathwork) & Tibetan sound bowls in her sessions to help clients access deep states of relaxation and healing. Rachel has a passion to offer a full holistic package combining the benefits of Dru Yoga with her range of holistic treatments which include Swedish Massage, Reflexology and Shiatsu as well as Thai Yoga Massage and Yoga Therapy. Treatments are designed to be tailored to help nurture the body, to cleanse and detox whilst boosting vitality to restore natural health and vital lifeforce energy.

Appointments available ad hoc. Book a treatment with Rachel through The Bodywork Centre or contact her direct on

07545 865009 or via her website

Swedish Massage | Reflexology | Indian Head massage | Access Bars | Emmett Technique | Shiatsu | Thai Yoga Massage | Yoga Therapy


Holistic Therapist - Laura Lee

Award winning Holistic Therapist, Laura Lee is a natural therapist who is passionate about helping people to find their own inner peace and self healing. With almost twenty years of experience, Laura specialises in individually tailored treatments combining her knowledge of the therapies she delivers with a strong intuition and desire to help you achieve lasting results. Each treatment is designed specifically for you to bring you back to harmony and balance with the emphasis on natural pain relief and relaxation. Laura may use Reflexology, Massage, Reiki or Emmett Technique alone or as a combination, depending on what is right for you on the day.

Knowledgeable and passionate about her subject, Laura has delivered talks and workshops on the complementary therapies she offers; these have included working with groups within the NHS.  Laura has been a Reiki Master for many years and offers Reiki workshops and attunements.​Constantly updating and refreshing her skills to ensure the best for her clients, Laura completed training in Emmett Technique in 2013 and was lucky enough to be coached by Ross Emmett, himself. Laura continues to updates her skills and uses this unique form of body therapy within her treatments with fantastic results.​With her natural sunny and empathic approach, Laura Lee is an expert at selecting the appropriate therapies to bring about the best results for you.

Contact Laura through The Bodywork Centre. 

Advanced Reflexology | Indian Head Massage | Aromatherapy | Reiki | Hot Stone Massage | Access Bars | Hopi Ear Candling Emmett Technique

Holistic Therapist - Caroline Wagstaffe


Caroline has been working as a holistic massage therapist in Hexham, Northumberland, since 2004, she is qualified to the highest level of reiki attunements. Caroline can incorporate both holistic massage and reiki techniques into her treatments. She has recently completed training in Thai yoga massage which is an amalgamation of yoga and massage allowing the body to stretch and be massaged at the same time. She also specialises in pregnancy, labour and postnatal massage.

Caroline is trained as a birth educator and pregnancy yoga teacher and teaches pregnancy yoga as well as postnatal yoga for mothers and babies. She runs antenatal education courses for women and their birth partners and has been working as a doula since 2009. 

Contact Caroline through The Bodywork Centre, or via her website

Reiki | Holistic Massage | Thai Yoga Massage | Pregnancy Massage | Pregnancy Yoga | Antenatal Courses| Postnatal Massage | Postnatal Yoga | Doula

Laura Lee
Caroline Wagstaffe

Holistic Therapist - Jenna Brewsterbrown 

Holistic Therapist Jenna, offers Reiki treatments and teaches Meditation and Mindfulness to promote complete wellness with her clients. Jenna has practiced Mindfulness and Meditation for over 15 years and has been teaching in Northumberland since 2019.  Jenna is also a qualified Reiki Master and has created some beautiful healing treatments where Meditation Mindfulness and Reiki are brought together. Jenna has run wellness retreats locally in Northumberland and also works with businesses to encourage wellness in the work place where all that take part can enjoy the relaxing effects of Mindful Meditation and Reiki Healing.


During her sessions Jenna will guide you into a state of Mindfulness by using breathing methods and guided imagery to relax the body and mind and help reduce stress.  Jenna encourages an open mind to gain new perspective on stressful situations. Jenna helps clients build skills to manage stress, increase self-awareness, imagination and creativity to bring a sense of balance, patience and tolerance. Sessions may involve talking about your life, ways you would like to improve it, as well as your emotions and issues you are experiencing. Jenna will give insight and information based on her own personal experience, qualifications and from the perspective of a number of Eastern philosophies and other perspectives that work to improve state of mind and physical well-being.

One to one and group sessions available. 

Contact Jenna through The Bodywork Centre or telephone her direct on 07851 669066

Mindfulness | Meditation | Reiki | Sound Baths | Tea Ceremonies | Therapeutic Art Life Coaching | Wellness Circles | 

Jenna Brewsterbrown
Elizabeth Lillico

Holistic Therapist - Elizabeth Lillico

Elizabeth believes good health begins with a good thought, a balanced lifestyle and nutritious food. She offers treatments that promote rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Guidance on relaxation techniques and self-growth will be given as part of the treatment upon request or when relevant. Custom made aromatherapy blends can be mixed for a variety of skin and health conditions. 

Elizabeth has over twenty years experience and is a fully qualified Aromatherapist and a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. She is also trained in Crystal Healing Therapy. Elizabeth's treatments are available Fridays and Saturdays by appointment. 

Contact Elizabeth through The Bodywork Centre - or to book direct, call: 07973 678282

Aromatherapy Massage | Swedish Massage | Indian Head Massage | Reflexology | Crystal Therapy | Hopi Ear Candles | Essential Oils and Aromatherapy Blends

Helen Clark

Holistic Therapist  - Helen Clark 

With over 20 years of experience as a Holistic Therapist, Helen has expertise in Hormone Balance Reflexology, Reiki, Crystal Healing, and Flower Remedies. Her approach focuses on intuitively integrating these practices to support overall well-being, aiming to create harmony and restore balance both physically and emotionally . Helen is dedicated to offering nurturing therapies that promote peace wellness and holistic healing for her clients. She trained in Crystal Healing with fellow therapist, Elizabeth Lillico. Her journey has brought her full circle and back to The Bodywork Centre where she worked in 2007 when it was located at St Mary’s Chare.  Elizabeth and Helen are offering couples Holistic Harmony which can be tailored to your preferences. Helen qualified with Dance the Medicine in 2022. She also runs women only retreats, sister circle beach drumming and freedom (conscious) dance sessions. 


Contact Helen through The Bodywork Centre - or to book direct, call: 07933 573727 

Reiki | Reflexology | Flower Remedies | Crystal Healing


Holistic and Sports/Remedial Massage Therapist - Sarah Elton

In an increasingly hectic and stressful world, we need to take time to relax and unwind in mind and body, helping us to feel better and improve our overall well being. Sarah believes that holistic, complementary and integrative approaches to health are central to this. Sarah is ITEC qualified in aromatherapy as well as being a Level 4 sports massage therapist, having trained at the Cotswold Academy. She received her Reiki 2nd Degree attunements in the Reiki Jin Kei Do lineage from Reiki Master Julie Rennie, of Reiki River. The treatments Sarah offers aim to support the whole person, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Sarah is available for holistic aromatherapy massage and Reiki as well as sports/remedial massage at the Bodywork Centre on Fridays. Appointments can be booked through the Bodywork Centre or via Sarah's website, Teesdale Holistics ( 


Reiki | Aromatherapy | Sports Massage | Pregnancy Massage

Sarah Elton
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