At the Bodywork Centre we have a number of Practitioners
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Counsellor- Elaine Burberry

My name is Elaine, I’m a fully qualified member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I work with both individuals and couples. I have been practicing since 2010, first I worked with Relate, then Mind before moving into private practice in 2017.


Feelings can be overwhelming, contradictory and confusing. From anxiety to anger, or depression to low self-esteem and bullying, talking can help.

My aim is to create a safe space where you can talk about and explore whatever’s bothering you. Through talking we can start to make some sense of what you’re experiencing, then together, explore options to help you move forward in a way that feels right for you. 

I welcome people with diverse histories, experiences and identities, including those from minority groups.

Gestalt Therapy is a holistic, compassionate way of learning to get to know yourself, your thoughts and your feelings and from there choosing what feels right for you whether it be the same as you do now or something different.

My contact details are mobile: 07500 894034 and e-mail:

Gestalt Therpist & Couples Counsellor

Select Psychology

As a private mental health clinic, Select Psychology have a number of therapists with different specialities. Because of this, they can offer therapies to help with a wide range of mental health issues from Anxiety to PTSD and child psychology.

They offer a triage step carried out during a 15-minute free initial telephone consultation. Depending on the challenges you’re facing, they recommend a counsellor, CBT therapist or clinical psychologist.

All Select's therapists are rigorously checked and vetted and must meet with their high standards of professional specification before they join the team. This means that the mental health professional you see will be qualified, experienced and competent.

Getting to see someone close to you is important, so Select Psychology offer several other clinic locations across the North East, North West and Yorkshire too; including Tynemouth, Sunderland, Durham and York, with several around the suburbs of Newcastle.

Select Psychology offers an appointment quickly and at a time and place convenient for you. But, above all, tailored to your needs.

Find out more here visit or call 0191 2580008

Talking Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist - Karen Briglin

Karen Briglin has worked as an Occupational Therapist in the NHS and private practice for over 25 years. Karen’s focus as an OT and more recently as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist is to provide effective and enduring therapy for those with physical or mental health issues. Karen works with people to improve and build on their ability to function in all areas of their lives.

Over the years Karen has furthered her training in line with recommendations from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (*NICE.) Karen is therefore able to ensure that she can provide evidence based practice, which is tailor-made to each individual and their specific needs.

The people Karen works with include those wanting to understand themselves and others better in order to cope, to those who have long term health conditions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a short term talking therapy using a practical approach to help you to become healthier and happier.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

NLP & EFT Practitioner - Andy Hunt

Info coming soon...

Neuro Linguistic Programming | Emotional Freedom Technique

Counsellor & Psychotherapist - Lorna Kemp

I am a fully qualified and Senior Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I have lived and worked in this area for 30 years and have over 20 years’ experience of working therapeutically with children, adults and families within the NHS, schools, criminal justice system, national children’s charities and also privately. I am also a trained and experienced clinical supervisor and trainer.   


I offer:​

  • Counselling and Psychotherapy to children over 12, adults and couples. This can be short-term solution focussed or longer term, depending on individual requirements.

  • Clinical supervision to therapists and multi-disciplinary professionals including those who work with children.

  • Training, Workshops, Professional Support and Consultation to businesses, agencies and organizations.

Currently in private practice in Hexham, additionally I am engaged part-time in delivering Professional Support to private and government organizations, and Clinical Supervision to therapists working in a variety of agencies and organizations. Also, I co-facilitate accredited training to student clinical supervisors.


Prior to commencing my career in counselling, my professional life covered a wide spectrum which I regard as having provided me with a host of experiences and learning opportunities that have given me invaluable life experience and a solid foundation for therapeutic work.


My therapeutic approach is Person Centred and I sometimes integrate other approaches. This means the way in which I work is always informed by the client, believing that the relationship is the most important aspect of therapy. I want to support people to feel enabled to make appropriate choices for themselves in order to feel stronger and safer. I have a firm belief in children’s and adults’ capacity to shift their perspective and fulfil their potential, given the right non-judgmental encouragement and support.


I regularly use creative methods and I have worked with a wide range of difficulties. One particular specialism is working with children and adults who have experienced child sexual abuse.​ Safeguarding is always paramount.


Please ask about anything you would want to know – I am happy to answer any queries about how I work to help you decide if you think I am the right person for you. You can ring 07940 465 131 or email:

Counselling | Pyschotherapy

Mind Coach & Brain Trainer - Kay Cooke

My name is Kay Cooke and divide my working time between Hexham and Surrey as a Mind Coach & Brain Trainer.


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and HYPNOSIS are the two key frameworks I use to help clients. As well as using these skills, I also teach and certify them. I have also trained in Neuro Hypnotic Re-patterning (NHR), , Solution Focused Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Havening Touch, Buddhist Psychology, Reiki, Art & Play Therapy, Bio & Neuro feedback.


Previous client work has included working with victims of rape, PTSD and trauma; CRPS (complex regional pain syndrome); MS (multiple sclerosis), Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease; removing phobias, stress, anxiety, anger, depression, addictions; building resilience; supporting end of life transition.


Coaching for professional wellbeing includes building assertiveness, congruence, confidence & resilience; managing conflict; improving relationships.


In 2010 I created a project called HAPPY BRAIN, which started life as a funded project to inspire teachers and help young people learn.  Happy Brain’s mission is to help CHILDREN & YOUNG ADULTS become responsible for their wellbeing by learning better self-management of thoughts, feelings and behaviours. There is a range of Happy Brain educational products, personal resources and training workshops. My client work with children and young adults has included stopping self-harm; reducing family dramas and conflicts; building confidence and resilience; dealing with bullies; improving study skills; working with ADD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADHD, ASD.


Twice a year I join the International Training Team that assists NLP training by Dr. Richard Bandler (founder of NLP) and support hypnosis training by Paul McKenna (celebrity hypnotist) and I’m part of the Society of NLP’s International Education Team.


I’m also an active listening volunteer for the national charity Samaritans.


Look out for workshops and training opportunities as well as one-to-one client appointments at the Bodywork Centre.


Feel free to call: 07876 228157 or email me for a (no obligation) chat. Or check out my website


I am registered with the Professional Standards Authority, General Hypnotherapy Council, Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council and licensed by the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Mind Coach | Brain Trainer | NLP | Hypnosis

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