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Free No obligation Hearing Assessments and comprehensive explanation of results. Tests available both at Home and Local Day Clinics. Latest Digital Hearing Aid technology from all the world leading manufacturers as we aren't tied to any unlike some of our large competitors.Personalised service, individually tailored solutions, on going plan and support to maximise benefit. Money back Guarantee up to 60 days so no risk.Wax removal by micro-suction.
Communication and Noise Protection Products  Custom products for variety of purposes such as motorcycles and heavy industrial protection. Aftercare service / services and annual checks.  5* service checks and repairs for hearing instruments from elsewhere POA. Free Expert advice and support available. Industrial / Employment hearing tests - ask about rates.
Assistive Devices such as bluetooth streamers /clip on mics etc.

Bowen Technique

Thomas Ambrose Bowen of Geelong, Australia developed his own ‘technique’ and had a thriving practise until he died in the early 1980’s. His approach is now known throughout the world. The Bowen Technique aims to balance the whole person not just the symptoms. Common presentations include back and neck pain, knee problems, sports injuries, RSI, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and respiratory problems, to name but a few. 

The practitioner uses thumbs or fingers to make a series of precise, rolling-type moves over muscle’ During the treatment there are a series of short breaks where the patient is left resting to allow their body to respond to the gentle moves that have been performed. This rest period is an important part of the treatment and gives the body time to make the subtle and fine adjustments, which help to re-balance, relieve tension and reduce pain. It is these features which make the Bowen Technique unique.

Chiropody / Podiatry

A podiatrist is more commonly known as a Chiropodist meaning the same. They are highly skilled professionals trained to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate abnormal conditions of the foot and lower limbs. They prevent and correct deformity, keep people mobile and active, relieve pain and treat infections. General treatments include skin, such as corn and callous removal, nail care, soft tissue and connective tissue problems and advice on footwear.


So if you are prone to problems relating to the foot such as corns, callous, dry cracked heals, ingrown toenails, athletes foot, verruca, bunions, chilblains, to name but a few. Or if you simply cannot manage to cut your own toenails.

Foot Treatment | Pedicure

Cranio-Sacral Therapy (CST)

Cranio-Sacral Therapy is an exceptionally gentle yet extremely powerful form of treatment, which engages with the deepest inherent healing forces within the body in order to enable integration of the whole body-mind.

The human body has a powerful inherent healing potential, but this potential can be compromised or depleted by injury, disease, trauma and stress. The forces of nature, both within and outside the body, have a natural tendency to reintegrate and restore healthy function. Quantum science demonstrates that this potential arises from the electromagnetic and other forces which pervade the whole universe, which are the basis of physics, chemistry and biology, which permeate all living beings, our environment and the whole matrix within which we exist, and which are responsible for generating life, growth, health and healing. These forces are expressed in the body as rhythmic motion.

CST engages with these forces in order to enhance the body’s natural healing ability and to restore health and integration of body, mind and spirit. It can enhance health in any circumstances - from new born babies to the elderly, from birth patterns, injury, illness, severe trauma, and all the many stresses and strains of life, both physical and emotional, often resolving issues that are not helped by other means. It is a profoundly transformative process.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Emmett Technique

The Emmett Technique uses a combination of direct pressure and gentle switches to release specific muscle groups and allow the client’s body to return to a state of balance.  The results are often dramatic, and can be instantaneous, with most clients recognising the improvements in pain levels and range of movement before leaving the clinic. 


Practitioners are trained in assessment skills and how to use the best combination of moves in their knowledge base to effect change.  Additionally, practitioners are taught special language skills in order to assist the client to recognise and enhance the changes so achieved and this adds to the successful outcome of the work.

It can be very effective as a Lymphatic system booster. This is not to be confused with a medically prescribed lymphatic massage which is usually the result of a specific diagnosis. Emmett works well alongside any bodywork therapy and greatly enhances the practice of any therapist.


Osteopathy is a form of physical therapy that originated in America in the 1870’s as a reaction to the then very primitive medical care that was available. Its founder based his thinking on the premise that the human body has the power to restore itself to health but that it can only achieve this if the body’s structure is functioning correctly.

Osteopathy is deeply concerned with the relationship between structure and function of the body. There are many processes that can disturb this relationship, including injury, stress, poor postural habits and those medical conditions such as arthritis which affect the structure of the joints.

Osteopathic treatment is aimed at restoring the relationship between structure and function to enable the body’s own healing capabilities to proceed.

Massage | Body Treatment


Reiki is a technique to promote relaxation and reduce stress. It originated or, more correctly, was rediscovered in Japan, but now has become popular in Western countries and throughout the world. Learning all about Reiki will give you insight into this form of healing, which involves life force energy and is connected to a Higher Power and the transcendental energy that flows through all people.

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