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The Bodywork Centre has a wide variety of Physical Therapies on offer

Bowen Therapy | Chiropody/Podiatry | Emmett Technique 

 Physiotherapy | Osteopathy

Sports Massage


Chiropody / Podiatry (Beverley Ward)

A podiatrist is more commonly known as a Chiropodist meaning the same. They are highly skilled professionals trained to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate abnormal conditions of the foot and lower limbs. They prevent and correct deformity, keep people mobile and active, relieve pain and treat infections. General treatments include skin, such as corn and callous removal, nail care, soft tissue and connective tissue problems and advice on footwear.​ So if you are prone to problems relating to the foot such as corns, callous, dry cracked heals, ingrown toenails, athletes foot, verruca, bunions, chilblains, to name but a few. Or if you simply cannot manage to cut your own toenails.

Foot Treatment | Pedicure

Osteopathy (Jaime Robinson)

Osteopathy is a form of physical therapy that originated in America in the 1870’s as a reaction to the then very primitive medical care that was available. Its founder based his thinking on the premise that the human body has the power to restore itself to health but that it can only achieve this if the body’s structure is functioning correctly.

Osteopathy is deeply concerned with the relationship between structure and function of the body. There are many processes that can disturb this relationship, including injury, stress, poor postural habits and those medical conditions such as arthritis which affect the structure of the joints.​ Osteopathic treatment is aimed at restoring the relationship between structure and function to enable the body’s own healing capabilities to proceed.

Massage | Body Treatment

Emmett Technique (Laura Lee/Rachel Orange) 

The Emmett Technique uses a combination of direct pressure and gentle switches to release specific muscle groups and allow the client’s body to return to a state of balance.  The results are often dramatic, and can be instantaneous, with most clients recognising the improvements in pain levels and range of movement before leaving the clinic.  


Practitioners are trained in assessment skills and how to use the best combination of moves in their knowledge base to effect change.  Additionally, practitioners are taught special language skills in order to assist the client to recognise and enhance the changes so achieved and this adds to the successful outcome of the work.

It can be very effective as a Lymphatic system booster. This is not to be confused with a medically prescribed lymphatic massage which is usually the result of a specific diagnosis. Emmett works well alongside any bodywork therapy and greatly enhances the practice of any therapist.

Body Treatment |Emmett Technique

Bowen Therapy (Ann Taylor)

Bowen Therapy is a rebalancing treatment for the whole body which aims to trigger an internal healing process. The nervous system begins relaxation which allows this rebalancing to occur.


Fingers or thumbs make rolling type moves over muscle, tendon and other soft tissue. Specific breaks are made during the treatment which allows the body to relax and aid rebalancing. Bowen Therapy treats the whole body not just specific conditions. It cannot worsen or cause any harm to the body. Plus, it is a fully clothed treatment.


Most clients find that they are able to fully relax - some even go to sleep! Many feel less stressed and have improved posture after treatments. Relief can be immediate but at other times it may take further treatments to gain relief, especially if the condition has been longstanding.


Treatments may include

•     Structural assessment 

•     Fascial release

•     Lymphatic work

•     Scar release

•     Cranio sacral therapy

•     Work using vagus nerve to create safety for the nervous system.


Bowen Therapy is for all ages. It may help with pain management, sports injuries, acute and chronic back pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, whiplash, stress and relaxation, asthma, sciatica, post operative rebalancing etc. It can even help us with the aging process as we become less mobile. Babies and children may be helped – colic, ADHD, autism, difficult births, restricted neck movement etc.

Body Treatment | Re-balancing

Bowen Therapy
Emmett Technique

Physiotherapy - Kirsty Harte

Physiotherapy aims to encourage and support the return to normal function following injury, trauma, illness or surgery. Whether your injury has only recently happened, been a problem for a while or developed over time or you need guidance following surgery. 


Treatments include: 


  • Spinal and joint mobilisations

  • Soft tissue mobilisation and massage

  • Prescriptive exercises and rehabilitation programme with an emailed link

  • Pilates

  • Pain education and self management strategies

  • Postural taping techniques

Body Treatment | Physiotherapy | Pilates 

Sports Massage

Sports/Remedial Massage (Sarah Elton)

Sports/remedial massage aims to address specific problems and imbalances in soft tissue (muscles, tendons and fascia) that may contribute to pain or impaired function. Your session starts with an assessment to help inform treatment. Depending on the issue, a variety of techniques including traditional Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, muscle energy technique and trigger point therapy may be used on the indicated region(s), and sessions may include massage with gentle movement.

Body Treatment | Sports Massage | Remedial Massage

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