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Natural Medicine

Hypnotherapist - Sue Thackeray 


Sue is a hypnotherapist who loves that hypnotherapy is so empowering for the individual. She trained as a hypnotherapist with the Hampshire School of Hypnotherapy, is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register and is fully insured. She has witnessed some amazing hypnotherapy triumphs including a 50 year old fear of dogs gone over a couple of sessions, a snacking habit vanquished, IBS got under control and her own fear, that if she let herself start crying she would never stop, traced back to it’s roots, understood and put aside.


Sue can’t guarantee that it always works, but she has found that when clients are committed and open, together they can often achieve great results and believes if you want it to succeed, it almost certainly will! Sue is a great believer in the need to show ourselves the love, respect and friendship that we routinely give to others. 

Contact her through The Bodywork Centre, her website or directly by email:


Nigel HetheringtonOrigional.JPG

Hypnotherapist - Nigel Hetherington


Nigel has worked full time as a hypnotherapist and trainer since 2005.

"I believe every person has the right to experience the best psychological well being and peace of mind possible. This is my commitment to you. I work as a hypnotherapist and coach because I feel there is a duty to help anybody when I can.


I believe pain and suffering, while often unavoidable, can also be much reduced or removed completely. I find when people shake off their suffering as much as possible it in a small way makes the world a better place because there are more happy, contented people with more peace of mind. Imagine you can make the changes you want and imagine how your life can improve in the ways you desire and get more of the peace of mind you deserve."

Contact Nigel direct, by email: through his website or via The Bodywork Centre


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