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MBSR Mindfulness course

Thursday evenings from November 17th: 6.45pm-8.45pm. Online or In Person

Immerse yourself in 8 weeks of mindfulness, where you will be guided gently and safely into feeling less anxious, more relaxed and in control of your life.

This course is run by Dr Judi Sharifi and follows the teachings of Jon Kabat-Zinn. It is offered as two hours per week, with an optional full day of practice between session 6 and 7. The group is suitable for those seeking to manage the pressures of life that create stress and which can take their toll on relationships. While originally set up as a stress-management course, it has been shown to be effective for a number of both physical and mental health conditions.

Each week you will learn how to meditate through a variety of practices, which include sitting, standing, moving/stretching, walking and lying down. You will learn how to become aware of your body and its physical sensations, as well as its connection to emotions and thoughts. Most importantly, you will be training how to manage the habits of the mind, so that you gradually become more adept at noticing when the mind wanders and learn how to observe your thoughts, instead of getting caught up in them.

Course Fees:

£250 or £225 (online) The optional full day is £30 and is open to anyone currently on the course (or who has completed another 8 week mindfulness course)

For more information and to book your place on the course. Please contact Judi direct:

07852 428084

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