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Bowen Therapy

Did you know we offer Bowen Therapy here at The Bodywork Centre?

Bowen Therapy is a rebalancing treatment for the whole body which aims to trigger an internal healing process. The nervous system begins relaxation which allows this rebalancing to occur.

Fingers or thumbs make rolling type moves over muscle, tendon and other soft tissue. Specific breaks are made during the treatment which allows the body to relax and aid rebalancing. Bowen Therapy treats the whole body not just specific conditions. It cannot worsen or cause any harm to the body. Plus, it is a fully clothed treatment.

Most clients find that they are able to fully relax - some even go to sleep! Many feel less stressed and have improved posture after treatments. Relief can be immediate but at other times it may take further treatments to gain relief, especially if the condition has been longstanding.

Bowen Therapy is for all ages. It may help with pain management, sports injuries, acute and chronic back pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, whiplash, stress and relaxation, asthma, sciatica and post operative rebalancing. It can even help with the ageing process as we become less mobile. Babies and children may also be helped with conditions such as colic, ADHD, autism, difficult births and restricted neck movement.

Therapist, Ann Taylor trained with the College of Bowen Studies. After running a successful clinic in Fourstones, she joined us at The Bodywork Centre earlier this year, and runs clinics throughout the week. After initial Bowen training, Ann has further developed her Bowen skills using scarwork release, fascia Bowen, vagus and more recently cranio sacral work. Ann has clients of all ages. She aims to help the body and mind find balance and harmony as a whole.


October – December 2022

10% discount on 3 prepaid treatments.

For more information, or to book a treatment, please contact Ann direct on 07825 440268 or via her website

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