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Zen Mindfulness for Wellbeing

Are your stress levels causing you concern? Would you like to develop a sense of calm, peace and personal resilience?

Starting in September, The Heart of Zen will be running an eight-week course on Zen Mindfulness. The course teaches secular (non-religious) Zen Mindfulness and Meditation practices and blends the traditional wisdom of Zen with tools that can be used in modern day life.

The 8-week programme is suitable for complete beginners and those with experience of mindfulness. It aims to provide wisdom and practical skills that can be easily incorporated into modern day

Course teacher, Emma Hamilton explains: "The skills will help you develop a new perspective on your stress. The classes are nurturing and relaxed and help you become more self-aware, more present in life and can reduce negative emotions. Each week you will cover many areas that include physical pain, emotional stress, anxiety and time pressures. Every week you will learn a different meditation practice - these include, sitting, standing walking and lying down. You will also practice some gentle mindful movement that helps optimise energy within the body, mind and spirit. These techniques can help you heal buried pain, limiting beliefs and bring you back to the present moment to help you discover more about what you're capable of, creating clarity and personal resilience leading to a more balanced life."

Emma received her training from Daizan Roshi who is the first Englishman to become a Zen Master in the rigorous Rinzai tradition of Zen.

Course runs Wednesday evenings from 14th September 2022

6.30pm-7.45pm at The Bodywork Centre

Cost: £95 (includes all course material and meditations)

For more information or to book a place, please contact through her website or telephone 07972895887

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