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The Bodywork Centre has a variety of herbal remedies for sale in our reception shop. Syrups, teas, ointments and creams from The Heavenly Herb Company. 

One to one appointments are also available with Herbalist, Ross.

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Western Herbal Medicine

A herbalist uses medicines made from plants, many of these are native and have a very long history of use. For many health issues a carefully blended herbal remedy (usually containing 4 or 5 herbs specific to your needs) can support a process of healing. The assumption is that the body is able to restore balance when it is given the correct support. Nutritional advice will also be given to support the healing process with any suggestions being manageable and realistic. A herbalist will usually prescribe a liquid medicine to be taken internally as well as creams, ointments and other preparations as appropriate. Many conditions respond to herbal medicine including minor seasonal ailments as well as much more chronic health issues.

Western Herbal Medicine

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