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 in Hexham

At the Bodywork Centre Hexham we have a number of therapists that offer Reiki, find out more about our Reiki services

Overview of reiki

Reiki is a technique to promote relaxation and reduce stress. It originated or, more correctly, was rediscovered in Japan, but now has become popular in Western countries and throughout the world. Learning all about Reiki will give you insight into this form of healing, which involves life force energy and is connected to a Higher Power and the transcendental energy that flows through all people.

Benefits of reiki

While Reiki cannot guarantee miracles or any specific level of healing, it is always beneficial and may reduce depression, pain, and stress. Some people have experienced complete healing from Reiki, anecdotal stories abound, while others have seen lesser but still significant improvement in their condition. Anyone can be treated with Reiki, and enjoy the benefits from it.

What to expect

Reiki practitioners draw on this higher energy, which flows into them and out through their hands, into the person they are working with to assist in healing. Reiki is spiritual in nature and also scientific in nature. 


Medicine and science recognise that the human body is made of energy and that blockages in this energy create discomfort or disease.  Helping to free blocked energy, reducing stress, and providing relaxation are a few of Reiki’s characteristics. This helps to create an environment in the body that fosters healing and wellbeing.

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