The Bodywork Centre in Hexham began its life as a natural health clinic in 1998 and over the years has developed into a hub for natural and holistic health practitioners in the area. We have a wide variety of different therapists and class teachers operating from our rooms in Eastgate. 

There is one thing common to all our practitioners and that is our passion to support your wellbeing in a healthy and balanced way. We care about you holistically as a unique human being.

Our long-term aim is to work together with mainstream health providers. Where possible we believe in focusing on preventative and maintenance work enabling you to regain balance within and get on with your life.

We offer a range of natural, holistic and psychological therapies as well as pampering/beauty treatments and exercise classes. 

our services

Hot Stone Massage
Hot Stone Massage

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Mon: 9am-6pm*

Tues: 9am-6pm*

Wed: 9am-6pm*

Thurs: 9am-6pm*

Friday: 9am-1pm*

Saturday: by appointment

Sunday: Closed

*Appointment times vary depending on therapist availability.

Tel: 01434 601577 for more information

Reception is open 9am-5pm Monday to Thursday,

9am-1pm Friday


Total Beauty treatments available 9am-7pm

Monday-Saturday, by appointment

Please contact Helen, on 07914 240809 to book direct.